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•            All players will sign a release waiver with a Covid-19 clause

•            Players should not attend ANY MYB event (i.e. – practice, game, etc) if they are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms of illness

•            Parents should check their player’s temperature before each event and not allow them to attend if they have a fever

•            Players will not be required to wear face coverings, but allowed to if they wish to and can do so safely.

•            Players must bring their own equipment and should be placed six feet apart from other players equipment (i.e. – batting gloves, helmet, glove, bat, etc)

•            Players will be required to bring their own water bottle or sports drink. Their names should be on the container in LARGE print.

•            No food to be consumed on playing field or dugout area, including sunflower seeds, gum, etc

•            No handshakes, fist bumps, etc.

•            Players encouraged to bring their own chair for the dugout area

•            MYB Instructional and AA teams will be limited to 10 players per team


•            Coaches will be required to wear face coverings when they are unable to maintain their social distance

•            Coaches will be responsible for ensuring their players are following their guidelines

•            Coaches will be responsible to take attendance of their team at each MYB event

•            Only 2 coaches per team allowed on field /remaining coaches must remain outside field


•            Umpires will be required to wear face coverings when they are unable to maintain their social distance

•            Pregame plate meetings will be conducted in accordance with social distance guidelines

•            Umpires will minimize their contact with the baseballs when at all possible


•            Spectators should not attend MYB events if they are feeling ill or have an elevated temperature

•            Spectators will be encouraged to stay in a predetermined area while watching the game and leave the park as soon as possible once the game ends

•            Spectators will not be allowed in or around the dugout of playing area

•            Spectators must go beyond the 1st and 3rd bases with social distancing.  Bleachers will be marked to show social distancing.

•            Spectators should be limited to household members only, and when possible, minimize those who attend

•            Spectators must maintain social distancing if not family members

•            Outside food and drinks are not permitted Facilities

•            MYB will work with the town officials to maintain sanitary conditions throughout the park where possible

•            High touch areas will be disinfected frequently with a CDC approved solution

•            Open air dugouts will be roped off along the 1st and 3rd base foul lines and will be used by players and coaches ONLY.  They will be constructed in a way that allows players and coaches to maintain social distance.


•            Game baseballs will be kept in their individual wrapper until needed

•            Baseballs will be swapped out and disinfected throughout the course of the game

•            Contact with baseballs should be limited to players where possible

•            When a baseball leaves the playing area it must be returned to a coach for disinfecting first

•            Shared equipment should be for limited use only and disinfected in between uses with a CDC approved solution

•            Each catcher should have their own catcher’s equipment (if they do not, one player may use the catcher's gear for the duration of the game and no other player can use it.  Equipment will then be given to the coach to sanitize before next usage)


•            Practices and game start times will be staggered in an attempt to minimize the flow of people into the park at a given time.

•            Teams should not enter the baseball field while another team is on the field or batting cage area.  They are to remain off the field and social distance until the previous team leaves.



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